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Also hier ein paar rap songtexte der erfolgreichsten raper der welt




Lil Bow Wow - Basketball

They're playing basketball(JD:Uh, all around the world)
Lil We love that basketball(Uh, to the beat y'all)
They're playin basketball(lets go)
Bow (All around the world)
we love that basketball
they're playin basketball
Wow We love that basketball(y'all know this is So-So Def)
Basketball They're playing basketball(To the beat y'all)
We love that basketball(Yeah)
Songtexte They're playing basketball
We love that basketball(Bow Wow:Yeah)
[Bow Wow]
Now basketball is my favorite sport
I like the way they dribble up and down the court
Lyrics I keep it so fresh on the microphone
I like no interruption when the game is on
Lyric I like slam-dunks that take me to the hoop
My favorite play is the alley-oop
Liedertexte I like the pick-n-roll
I like the give-n-go
Liedertext its basketball Bow Wow lets go

They're playing basketball(Uh,all around the world)
Alle We love that basketball(Yeah, to the beat y'all)
They're playing basketball
Lil We love that basketball

[Bow Wow]
Yeah, yo
I got the rock in my hands
 There ain’t no tellin what i’m gonna do wit it
 When i got possession i’m gonna have to fool wit itl I might cross you up and fake one way
Turn around and hit you wit the MJ fade-away
I throwin down passes like J-Kidd
Taking cats to the rack
Songtext And I’m dunkin over them like T-Mac
When I’m in the paint I play wit that Alonzo style
Lyrics I’m like Darius cuz I can shoot 2 miles

Lyric Don’t too many players get offers like me
I’m back-n-forth likely
Liedertexte Shake the checks off your nikes
They almost had me in a suit at the draft
Liedertext Cuz it look like a freethrow
When I be shootin from half
Alle The first step like Iverson, blow pass you
He’ll leave nuthin but net, but i can go blast too
Lil When I’m in the paint the defense so shook
They don’t know if I’m gonna put up a slow hook or dish up a no-look
Bow See my game consist of whole lotta.....
Moves you would think I learned from the Harlem Globe Trotters
Wow JD gonna lead us to a ring
Fab and Bow Wow is the only players that makes the cheerleaders wanna sing
They're playing basketball(All around the world)
We love that basketball(put it up, put it up, put it up now)
Songtexte They're playing basketball(All around the world)
We love that basketball(put it up, put it up, put it up now)
Songtext They're playing basketball
We love that basketball

[Jermaine Dupri]
Now tell me were you in the joint
Lyrics The night MJ scored 63 points
When the Lakers won titles back-to-back
Lyric Didn’t give nobody no kind of slack
When Vince Carter came
Liedertexte Stuck his arm in the rim
Everbody went crazy in the whole damn gym
Liedertext Dikembe Mutumbo standing tall
Playing D wit desire
Its Basketball

They're playing basketball
Alle We love that basketball
They're playing basketball
We love that basketball
Lil They're playing basketball
We love that basketball
They're playing basketball
Bow We love that basketball


Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys - Throw It Up


Throw it up Mother fucker throw it up
[4x] If you scared to throw it up get the fuck out the club
[Lil Jon (Eastside Boyz)]
Back up bitch get the fuck out my way
Jon (Aye move the fuck back bitch, Move the fuck back)

[2x] What you looking at nigga, what you looking at nigga
The (Not me or my click, we too trill my nigga)

[2x] We to deep off in this bitch, we too deep off in this bitch
Eastside (Its more of us than it is in the club stupid bitch)
Yall niggas over there (yall niggas aint shit)
Yall hoes over there (yall hoes aint shit)
[4x] We run this (what)


[Pastor Troy]
The last nigga is the pastor
It Ready to blast ya
You know: I don't play no mother fucking games
Up DSGB you know the name
Wood grain in the mother fucking Dooley Truck
Songtexte Got the black and red seats with the Georgia tuft
And I got my helmet hangin out the winda
Songtext Ready to bust the head :.of a fucking pretender
Nigga as soon as I enter
Lyrics You know im making noise
Pastor Troy and the Eastside Boyz
Lyric AK bustin I ride the whole clip
I cock that hoe and let it mother fuckin rip
Liedertexte To sank shit is what I live for
Fuck him, Fuck her
Liedertext Im representing
Put some more Yak in my mug
So I can throw it up

[Lil Jon talking]
Ok ok hold the fuck up hold the fuck up
Lil I'm looking round this bitch
I see a lot of niggas aint throwin up shit (What)
Jon Ya'll niggas must be scared to represent yo shit (You scared)
The You must be scared nigga (Scared)
Fuck that shit
All my real niggas that proud of they hood
Eastside All my real ladies that's proud of they hood
And they aint never been scared
Boys Say this shit

Bitch I aint scared
Bitch I aint scared
Throw Bitch I aint scared
I aint scared mother fucker

[Pastor Troy]
It Im gon represent where Im from
In the back of the club my tommy gun
Up Though when I chill
Fuckin burn one
Leave up out the club it's me little Jon
Songtexte Ballin in the Benzes
Switchin up lanes
Talkin much shit cause we deep in the game cocaine
Songtext All white fuckin S fucking six
Young ass niggas I guess we filthy rich
Lyrics My whole click ready to bust some heads
Imma throw it up bitch and I aint scared
Lyric Pastor Troy mother fucker
You know the routine
Represent for the home team
Liedertexte Throw it up



Nelly - Grillz


Rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.
Add da whole top diamond and the bottom rows gold.

Grillz Yo we bout to start a epidemic wit dis one
Ya'll know what dis is...So So Def
Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 mo at the top
Songtext All invisible set and little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on da rocks
Lyrics If I could call out a price, lets say I call out a lot
Lyric I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I'm changin girllz errday, like Jay change clothes,
Liedertexte I might be grilled out nicely (oh) In my white tee (oh),
Liedertext Or on South Beach (oh) in my wife beat.
V V and studded you can tell when they cut it
Alle ya see my grandmama hate it, but my lil mama love it
Nelly cuz when I...

Open up ya mouth, ya grill gleamin (say what)
Grillz eyes stay low from da chiefin'

I got a grill I call penny candy you know
Songtexte what that means, it look like Now n Laters, gum drops, jelly beans
Songtext I wouldn't leave it for nothin only a crazy man would
Lyrics so if you catch me in ya city, somewhere out in ya hood just say
Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
Lemme see ya grill
Liedertexte (Let you see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
Liedertext (Rob da jewelry store and tell em make me a grill she said)
Alle Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
I want to see your grill
Nelly (You wanna see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
Grillz (Had a whole top diamonds and da bottom rows gold)

[Paul Wall]
Songtexte What it do baby
Its da ice man paul wall
I got my mouth lookin somethin like a disco ball
Songtext I got da diamonds and da ice all hand set
I might cause a cold front if i take a deep breath
Lyrics My teeth gleaming like im chewin on aluminum foil
Smilin showin off my diamonds sippin on some potin oil
Lyric I put my money where my mouth is and bought a grill
Liedertexte 20 carrots 30 stacks let em know im so fo real
Liedertext My motivation is them 30 pointers V VS the furniture my mouth
Alle piece simply symbolize success
I got da wrist wear and neck wear dats captivatin
Nelly But its my smile dats got these on-lookers spectatin
My mouth piece simply certified a total package
Grillz Open up my mouth and you see mo carrots than a salad
Songtexte My teeth are mind blowin givin everybody chillz
Call me George foreman cuz im sellin everybody grillz
Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
Lemme see ya grill
Lyrics (Let you see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
Lyric (Rob da jewelry store and tell em make me a grill she said)
Liedertexte Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
I want to see your grill
Liedertext (You wanna see my what)
Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill
Alle (Had a whole top diamonds and da bottom rows gold)

Nelly Gipp got dem yellows, got dem purples, got dem reds
Lights gon hit ya and make you woozie in ya head
Grillz You can catch me in my 2 short drop
Mouth got colors like a fruit loop box
Dis what it do when da lou
Ice grill country grammar
Songtext Where da hustlas move bricks
and da gangsta's bang hamma's
Lyrics Where i got em you can spot them
On da top in da bottom
Lyric Gotta bill in my mouth like im Hillary Rodham

I ain't dissin no body but lets bring it to da lite
Liedertexte Gip was da first wit my mouth bright white
Yeah deez hos can't focus cuz they eyesight blurry
Liedertext Tippin on some 4's you can see my mouth jewelry
I got fo different sets its a fabolous thang
1 white, 1 yellow, like fabolous chain
Nelly and da otha set is same got my name in da mold
Had a whole top diamonds and da bottom rows gold


Songtexte [Woman]
Boy how you getcha grill that way and
How much did you pay
Songtext Every time i see you
Tha first thing im gon say hey.....


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